PSA: Resource Index

Welcome to our masterlist of free resource offerings! This is for community organizers and drug safety nerds to help keep their communities safer. We update our materials regularly to incorporate cutting edge clinical research and harm reduction practices, so check back frequently - or better yet, join our mailing list!

 These materials are meant to supplement our Psychedelic Safety for Responsible Adults masterclass - sign up today for a more comprehensive look at psychedelic harm reduction. We also host a Monthly Membership Q&A  for our subscribers on Patreon to answer all your burning harm reduction questions.

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Psychedelic Introductory Guides 
Our curated guides to online databases of legit drug information, and basic workflows on how to apply them to real world situations.
Crisis Intervention  
 Crisis response guides for drug-related incidents, sized to fit inside a standard laminate sleeve for first responders and as single page posters for display. Contains triage guidelines for both medical and psycho-emotional crises.

 MDMA Harm Reduction
 A deeply nerdy, evidence-based guide on using targeted dietary supplements to prevent MDMA-induced toxicity and dramatically reduce your MDMA hangover. Includes a shopping list with links for all supplements mentioned and citations.

GHB Harm Reduction
 Taking GHB is really easy to do incorrectly and overdoses  on G can be dangerous. This guide to GHB safety includes an easy science experiment you can do at home to determine the concentration of your GHB in g/ml, as well as the bibliography.

Ketamine Harm Reduction
 Ketamine has incredible promise both as a relatively safe recreational compound as well as for DIY therepeutic uses, but there are significant, easy-to-overlook risks. This guide to ketamine safety includes a comprehensive breakdown of both acute and long term risks, how to minimize them, as well as the bibliography.

Alcohol Harm Reduction
 Another nerdy,  research-backed guide on using targeted dietary supplements to dramatically reduce your alcohol hangover. Includes bibliography.

Dosing Guides  
Some tips & tricks for quantitative dosing for a safer, more consistent and predictable experience.

Set & Setting 
Some templates tips & tricks for quantitative dosing for a safer, more consistent and predictable experience.