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Your Home for Psychedelic Safety

The resource hub was created to teach people how to protect themselves and the people they care about.

We think staying safe, sane, healthy, and alive is great, because the reality is... 

Psychedelics can be incredibly beneficial tools when they're used correctly, but they can be so powerful that using them incorrectly can put your health, sanity, or even survival at risk.

According to the festival first responders we've consulted with, most people who use psychedelics have no idea how much can go sideways during a journey.

It's possible to harm your physical and mental health and become a safety risk to yourself and others...especially if you don't have training on how to prevent these outcomes.

We Created The Resource Our Community Needed

We're drug geeks and harm reduction experts who have spent several combined decades connecting with experts to bring together all the pieces of the safety puzzle.

We couldn’t find any resources that aggregated this expert wisdom and made it accessible for real people, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Our primary considerations were:

Psychedelics always carry a degree of risk and unpredictability, especially when you are new to psychedelics, combine them with other drugs, and source them from underground markets.

The often-ignored flipside of harm reduction is benefit optimization: the safer you are, the more fun, pleasure, and benefits you're able to sustainably access.

Most people who use psychedelics and other drugs at festivals and events have no idea how many folks in these environments end up needing medical or psychological support related to their use of substances.

The majority of negative drug outcomes we’ve seen were the result of people taking risks that they didn’t know were risky in the first place - they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know.

To serve our community better,
we created a video masterclass designed to address these issues:
Psychedelic Safety For Responsible Adults is the result.

The Masterclass

A comprehensive masterclass, designed specifically for people who use psychedelics on their own, or outside of supervised medical, therapeutic, or ritual contexts.



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I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy- Upon submitting a PDF (950kb) will be downloaded to your device.