Psychedelic Safety For Responsible Adults

A comprehensive Masterclass and Safety Resource for those who wish to use psychedelics outside of supervised medical, therapeutic or ritual contexts.

Learn how to access the benefits of psychedelics as safely as possible at festivals, parties, or anywhere there's not trained professional supervision available

Gain skills to reduce the risks of accidental overdose, difficult trips, lasting mental health issues, and both medical and psychiatric emergencies related to the use of psychedelics and other drugs

Learn how to take better care of yourself and the people in your community during strenuous all-night or multi-day environments with lots of different substances and situations in the mix

Minimize hangovers and undesirable side effects while optimizing your experiences for maximum benefit and enjoyment

Get expert insights on how to do advance safety research, navigate consent and social dynamics while altered, and integrate takeaways from your journeys to ensure smooth sailing before, during, and after the fact

Become better at psychedelic safety than everyone else you know through a comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum designed to walk you through every step of the process of taking psychedelics like a party professional


Understanding the different kinds of psychedelics and their unique properties

Knowing where to find legit information about psychedelics and other drugs using a smartphone

Assessing whether you’re in the right situation and headspace to take psychedelics

Determining how much of a given psychedelic to take at a given time (including your first time)

Learning how to avoid getting too high for too long (a major contributor to many lasting issues we've seen)

Anticipating and avoiding dangerous interactions between psychedelics and other drugs

Understanding mental and physical health conditions which are contraindicated with various psychedelics

Being aware of common safety mistakes people make when interacting with underground suppliers

Awareness of the 3 strategies needed to test your drugs for harmful adulterants like fentanyl 

Navigating matters of consent (sexual or otherwise) while on psychedelics

Determining if medical attention or psycho-emotional support is needed during a psychedelic-related crisis

Post-journey strategies for optimizing future experiences and how long to wait between experiences

Practicing our 11-step protocol for taking psychedelics as safely as possible, each and every time.


Psychedelic Safety for Responsible Adults has been designed with input from an interdisciplinary team of psychedelic safety experts and includes 11 hours of video content in 7 modules. As far as we can tell, this is the most comprehensive psychedelic safety resource for recreational psychonauts anyone has ever developed.

Every module also includes curated links, safety checklists, and PDF summaries which you can print out and take with you to festivals or events where cell service sucks and you don’t want to spend your time watching videos anyways.


Psychopharmacology for Psychonauts
Key terms, classes and different kinds of psychedelics and their unique properties as well as research aids.


The Art of the Pre Game
Examine factors like intention, settings, elements of Pharmacokinetics, administration and dosing.


 Testing & Measurement
Testing and measurement 101, storage and transport and milligram scale tips and tricks. 


Psychedelic Navigation
 Safety practices you’ll need to know and think about during a psychedelic experience.


 Integration & Aftercare
Strategies for recovery protocols, after-effects, tolerance levels and withdrawel.


  Psychedelic Cornucopia: LSD & Psilocybin
Dosing, pharmacokinetics, tolerance, side-effects, common issues and mistakes.


  Psychedelic Cornucopia: MDMA & Ketamine
Dosing, pharmacokinetics, tolerance, side-effects, common issues and mistakes.



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