Psychedelic Safety For Responsible Adults

A comprehensive psychedelic safety masterclass for people who use psychedelics on their own, outside of supervised medical/therapeutic/ritual contexts

Course Summary

This course is designed specifically for people who use psychedelics on their own, outside of supervised medical, therapeutic, or ritual contexts. All the promising media attention around psychedelics is leading more and more people to seek their benefits, but if you haven’t been trained like the professionals conducting those studies, it’s really easy for things to go sideways.

 We founded our organization after coming of age working as performers and first responders in the festival scene, where we saw a ton of our friends get hurt, experience psychotic episodes, and die in situations involving psychedelics and other drugs.   We channeled our grief and dismay into years of nerdy research into psychedelic safety and began to reverse-engineer all the negative psychedelic outcomes we’d seen and experienced, and what we discovered was painful:  Our friends didn’t get hurt because they took drugs, they got hurt because they took drugs with poor preparation and bad technique.  None of us had received drug education in school that actually taught us about drugs, so we set out to create a curriculum that would teach our surviving friends how to avoid the fates that had befallen those who were no longer with us in body and mind.  

This masterclass is the result.  

Psychedelic Safety for Responsible Adults has been designed with input from an interdisciplinary team of psychedelic safety experts and includes 11 hours worth of video content in 7 modules. As far as we can tell, this is the most comprehensive psychedelic safety course for recreational psychonauts anyone has ever developed.  Every module also includes curated links, safety checklists, and PDF summaries which you can print out and take with you to festivals or events where cell service sucks and you don’t want to spend your time watching videos anyways. 

Course Curriculum

Psychedelic Safety Alliance

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