Psychedelic Safety Quickstart Guide

As a quick recap of the first installment, psychedelic safety begins with an understanding of the categories of things that can go sideways and what you can do to mitigate risk in each category.

In our experience, the five most common psychedelic risk vectors are:

1. Incorrect Dosing
2. Harmful Drug Interactions
3. Misrepresented or Adulterated Product
4. Medical Emergencies
5. Psycho-Emotional Crises and Difficult Experiences

In Installment 2, we went over Incorrect Dosing, Harmful Drug Interactions, and Misrepresented or Adulterated Product, and shared some simple tools, skills, and resources which can be used to mitigate risk around these areas.

Unfortunately, even with the best preventative measures possible, psychedelic-related emergencies can still happen to you or someone around you - and that's what the resources of Installment 3 are all about. If you or someone around you starts to have a hard time, you need to know how to assess the situation and get them the care they need. We’ve seen many scenarios where getting someone the correct care and support made things better, and others where incorrect support or no support caused things to escalate and get worse. The skill and awareness of the people involved are what makes the difference.

Read on for how you can better support friends in crisis!

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