Psychedelic  Safety  For  Responsible  Adults: A  Comprehensive Video  Masterclass

If you are new to psychedelics, take them without professional supervision, or take them at festivals or parties, this masterclass is for you.

  Psychedelics are powerful and always carry a degree of risk and unpredictability, especially when you source them from underground markets.

Eventually, we hope that all psychedelics will be legal, regulated, and accessible with professional guidance to everyone.   In the meantime, the burden of learning how to engage with psychedelics safely falls on you.

 Though many psychedelics carry no toxic overdose risk, others do, and there are a ton of other safety issues you can run into which most people aren’t aware of.

  But we are.  

We came of age working as performers and first responders in the festival scene, where we watched a ton of our friends and other event participants experience terrifying and traumatic trips, hurt themselves, have psychotic episodes, and even die in situations involving psychedelics.

 And yet, our friends kept taking psychedelics, and though most of them had fun, beneficial experiences, a small but reliable percentage kept running into issues.  

We channeled our grief into years of nerdy research into psychedelic safety, and after reverse-engineering enough psychedelic-related crises, we realized that the majority of the issues we’d seen were the result of people taking risks that they didn’t know were risky in the first place.

 Simply put, they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

  Through this process, we connected with a ton of people and organizations who had pieces of the safety puzzle, but nowhere could we find a resource that aggregated everything people using psychedelics in the real world need to know in order to have reliably safe, beneficial experiences.  
To serve our community better, we created the educational offering that people needed but didn’t have.
  Psychedelic Safety For Responsible Adults is the result.

Based on over 30 combined years of research, field experience, and consultation with experts in the worlds of science, harm reduction, emergency medicine, and mental health, this comprehensive course is the definitive, comprehensive psychedelic safety resource.

   We taught and refined this material in-person for years at festivals and community events before COVID hit. Then, during lockdown, a prominent member of our community died in a situation where psychedelics were involved, leading us to take our masterclass online for the first time to serve the needs of people unable to make it to one of our live events.

 Now we’re pleased to make it available to you and your community as well.

 Psychedelic Safety for Responsible Adults includes 11 hours of comprehensive content in 7 different modules, along with curated resource guides for each module.

This masterclass will teach you about:  
- The different kinds of psychedelics and their unique properties

- Where to find legit information about psychedelics and other drugs using a smartphone

- How to determine whether you’re in the right situation and headspace to take psychedelics

- Determining how much of a given psychedelic to take at a given time (including your first time)

- How to avoid getting too high for too long (a major contributor to many lasting issues we've seen)

- How to anticipate and avoid dangerous interactions between psychedelics and other drugs

- Mental and physical health conditions which are contraindicated with various psychedelics

- Common safety mistakes people make when interacting with underground suppliers  

- The 3 strategies needed to test your drugs for harmful adulterants like fentanyl

- Inexpensive tools and methods for accurately measuring the correct dose of any psychedelic

- How to navigate matters of consent (sexual or otherwise) while on psychedelics  

- Taking care of your body during a psychedelic experience so you don’t have an unnecessarily hard time

- How to determine if someone needs medical attention during a psychedelic-related crisis

- How to determine if someone needs psycho-emotional support during a psychedelic-related crisis

- Legal considerations when seeking medical attention

- Resources and strategies for taking care of someone having a difficult trip

- How to process and integrate the things which can come up during a psychedelic experience

- Post-journey strategies for optimizing future experiences  

- Supplements and aftercare which can reduce hangovers from MDMA and other psychedelics

- Determining how long you need to wait between experiences

- Identifying problematic use patterns in yourself and others

- Our 11-step protocol for taking psychedelics as safely as possible, each and every time

- Detailed risk management and optimization strategies for common psychedelics

- And a whole lot more.

Even some of the experts we've consulted with don’t possess all the skills and awareness this masterclass covers, which speaks to a greater need for comprehensive psychedelic safety information across the board.

 If you want to reliably and safely access the benefits of psychedelics, understanding how all this material fits together will leave you better prepared to take care of yourself and those you care about than pretty much anyone you know.

  To make things convenient, we’ve set up this video masterclass so you can take it anytime, anywhere, at whatever pace you want.

 To ensure easy access to this information while you’re out in the world, each module comes with a printable PDF summary you can take with you anywhere, even places where you don’t have cell service or WiFi.  

Even though we’ve spent years making this masterclass as comprehensive as possible, there’s still so much to know in this realm that there’s no way to answer every specific question that comes up.

Thus, we’ve also added a special Membership Tier to the course. This gives you access to monthly video calls with us where you can pick our brains, geek out with us, and get all your specific psychedelic safety questions answered.

So come join us and begin your psychedelic safety journey today!

We’ve Seen Psychedelics Go Sideways Way Too Often

  The Psychedelic Safety Alliance was founded by people who came of age working, performing, and providing first responder services in the nightlife and festival industry.

  We’ve seen countless people overdose, hurt themselves, have terrifying and/or traumatic trips, experience ongoing mental health issues, have psychotic episodes, and get into major medical emergencies related to the use of psychedelics. We even know multiple people who have died as a result of situations involving psychedelics. 

We’re Here To Help You Protect Yourself and Your People 

Now we’re here to serve you and your community with the same care and attention to detail we bring to our own. We’re all responsible for each other, so empowering people to take their safety into their own hands is why we’re here.

By systematically identifying and teaching people the safety risks inherent in taking psychedelics, we are able to identify and implement protective practices which eliminate or mitigate these risks. Our objective is not to scare people, but the honest truth is that scary stuff does happen, and we really don’t want you to have to go through that if it can be avoided. 

Our Online Curriculum

This comprehensive course is a first: psychedelic harm reduction by the people, for the people, either for beginners to get a basic foundation or for experienced psychonauts to get a refresher on safer psychedelic use.

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